Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another Week Almost Over!

Last night I went to class and presented without fear (for the most part) to my classmates a difficult topic. "The Imaginary Science of Chemopatetics" (which doesnt exist in the real world)... It was difficult to get the point across, but I have to give myself a pat on the back as my topic seemed to be a little more difficult than topics others presented on. There was an interesting one on ground help signals, for when you are lost and need a direction or some help. Any airplane pilot would be able to recognize these symbols and either help or go to find help... very interesting stuff I might say.

I havent baked much recently, just a small cake last weekend for a baby shower. It was an 8" round cake with chocolate frosting and pink polka dots in a couple of different sizes. It was really cute. It was for a friend of a friend at her baby shower. Thanks for taking the pictures! (because I forgot!)

Im exhausted now and I still have so many things to accomplish over the semester. Just a few weeks left. *sigh*

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