Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Need More Weekend!!!

Its dawning the end of another weekend. Flying by too fast for me - still so much to do. Ive been working on an assignment and doing laundry and baking this weekend. I am glad to report that I did catch up on my sleep from last week... I hope I dont have another week like I had last week for a long time. I was busy working on my thesis and studying for the test, and this week I have a presentation on Wednesday that I am working on being prepared for. The grading criteria looks pretty serious... its a rubric for the presentation and includes criteria for style of performance in the presentation for nervousness and control, being prepared and efficent. Makes me nervous just knowing that I have to not be nervous... I am usually nervous when standing in front of a crowd. Hopefully since our presentation groups only include about 6 people, it wont be so bad, it will be more personal and friendly.

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