Thursday, March 15, 2007

All the Latest Buzz

I found this fabulous cake pan at Williams Sonoma and simply couldnt resist. I cant wait to bake a cake in it!!! I think that my lemon blueberry bundt recipe would be very good in this with the lemony sugar glaze on top. I love the little bees all over it too. This is definately the coolest fabulous find of 2007 so far.

I also picked up some new measuring cups Ive been eyeing. Ive had some tupperware measuring cups for many years, but I think I will donate those and start using the new ones. They collapse and store flat - which is great for storage solutions or small kitchen drawers. I also got the fabulous sliding measuring spoon - one measures up to 2 tablespoons all with the simple movement of a silicone slider. Dont worry, even if it gets messy, its super easy to clean. It comes apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand.
My kitchen is happy now :)


Mark Cutler said...

I just moved into a new house and I think that one of the best housewarming gifts I got was a strainer, similar to your collapsable measuring cups, it staks totally flat, I have been on the search for more in this series, so thanks for the cup tip, I am off to Sonoma now to pick up some. LOVE the beehive cakepan too, not much of a baker, but not sure i could resist that!

Kristine said...

My stainless meausuring cups, though lovely, drive me crazy! Too big for drawers and too small to use up the hanging system space. These are fabo! Thanks for the recommendation!