Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Kitchen Connection

Another fabulous find... or two... The Petits Fours pan at Williams Sonoma is another really fun way to celebrate spring. Roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, and sun flowers. I must have one of these. I will use it often, I promise. My friend got me the large rose bundt pan for my wedding too. I have used that one a few times, and it has been a fun pan too.

I went to Williams Sonoma yesterday afternoon before we saw the movie "300" (which was ultra fabulous by the way)... and there was a utensil whore, oh excuse me, I mean a man who was browsing among all of the kitchen utensils.
I had to leave to get upstairs to the movie on time, but would soon return to Williams Sonoma after the movie ended. After the utensil area was cleared I got to look, touch, and peruse to my liking. I found a cool tool for making pies, called "the first slice" which is a nonstick pie slice that you bake in under the bottom crust, and is used to lift out the first piece of pie in its perfection as to leave the adjacent slices in their correct formations. A fun tool, which I must have.

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