Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life is Like a Bowl Full of Cherries

Holy cow I have so much to do. I will definately be spending my weekend indoors, but maybe with the windows open so that I can enjoy the fabulous weather (although secretly I wish it would snow again). Thunderstorms are predicted for the weekend, so that is just as fun for me anyway.

I have two lesson plans to write, one due in two weeks with a presentation no less. Its for my how to on teaching adults. Pretty interesting stuff anyway, but lots of work it seems. Always the thesis to think about... Ive been working on it, but lagging behind a bit. yeck. And then there is my short weekend course coming up which will consume about three weekends over the semester. Yikes!

I still have laundry to do and a little cleaning and tidying around the house too. Geez.

I guess I have next may to look forward to when I graduate, then I will finally have time for me. My next task in life after graduation is to take one of those fabulous cooking courses for pastries. Im afraid I wont know what to do with all of my time once I get out of school, so I should find more fun things to do. Focus on growing more, still learning even if it may not be a formal education. I know that my degree now is the icing on the cake for what I need to know when exams come up in the fall. I will be studying hard this summer for the Q - or the NCIDQ rather (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) and then I will be prepared to become licensed in Oklahoma as soon as legislations is complete with the house bill that recently passed. Its an exciting time in life. Approaching 30 quickly. Ill be 30 when I graduate, and then it will be time to just go out and live a little. Maybe take a vacation. Apply myself.

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