Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lockdown, Part Deux

I have to say that being iced in has its perks. The last wave of ice, snow, and freezing rain is well on its way, and who knows when we will be able to emerge from our homes to return to life, but I have to say that my trip to the grocery store with empty shelves left for some creative problem solving as for meals and such. I did discover Bertolli frozen dinners in the freezer aisle. I was skeptical at first after watching commercials and such, but decided that if we were going to be snowed in, perhaps we could experiment and such. I tried the spinach and cheese ravioli, and it cooks up in about 10 - 12 minutes stovetop and I have to say that it is just fabulous. Very flavorful and tender, and it had a great taste! And we have some leftovers!
Aside from this, Ive completed the baby shower invitations for my cousin who is expecting. Ive labeled the envelopes and now just need to stuff and stamp and send them on their way to hopeful guests. Monday is a holiday, so they wont go out until Tuesday, but that is no problem.

I managed to clean a little today and get a load of laundry done. I also took a hot bath today and played with Tula. I wrapped her up in a blanket today and she looked like a burrito. Now its time to relax and watch tv until I feel like cleaning some more.

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