Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lockdown, Part Tres

Tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a new week...and the roads are apparently still icy. Im going to get up and attempt to go to work. Ive been inside the whole entire weekend, beginning Friday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. with exception to go and get the mail, and I have to say that it has indeed been a nice relaxing weekend alone with Tula, blogging, sleeping late, and television. It is cold outside, below freezing even and Im not looking forward to being cold tomorrow. I will attempt to drive, and if I find big troubles, then I will come back home. I have my little travel kit all ready to go, blanket, coat, gloves, etc. incase I get stuck in a ditch *knock on wood*. I havent ever had problems driving in the snow, sleet, wintery mix for that matter, but I fear other drivers really. The ones who freak out and have no control. Its been all over the television this weekend - all of the deaths for those who were out and about. Its taking a risk, and is in my opinion equivalent to driving under the influence. On a lighter note, might be good to get up and keep moving this week since Ive been sitting on my ass all weekend. School began last week and well I should get motivated as so I do not get behind.

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