Saturday, January 13, 2007

Currently in Lockdown

Only in Oklahoma can we can discuss and write about the weather. It is part of the daily talk in Oklahoma, and when it snows, it seems to become a state of emergency and everyone freaks out and businesses close, schools close, and only a few are seen out on the highways. Its what we here in Oklahoma refer to as a "wintery mix" - freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Its currently quiet outside, but we are expecing two more waves of the above before the weekend is over. We left work early yesterday to get an early start home. Seems the rest of Oklahoma City did this as well. I had to make a stop by the bank on my way home, and the grocery store. I got an iPod for Christmas and I have found refuge with it when going to places like the grocery store when I know that every Tom, Dick, and Harry (and their dogs) are going to be there. I find that people dont mess with you when you have other things going on, and I can silently lip sync, and no one cares. I dont have to listen to children screaming or the annoying intercom rants. I bought things that would last me the weekend since I do not plan to leave the house this weekend. I plan to sit in bed and watch lots of movies and stay in my pajamas. I will do laundry, dishes and vacuum this weekend too though.

Last night I opened the door to get a visual on the wintery mix that had settled in my yard. I guess Tula was feeling brave as she jolted out the front door and went and sat in the snow. I ran barefoot and bare-shoulder behind her, danced around on the cold concrete porch, and went to grab some shoes. I came back outside and she was no where in sight. I panicked. I looked in the garden of browned bushes and she was there. So I walked over and she ran to the easement of the side of the house where I promptly caught her and picked her up and brought her back inside.

Today is Saturday and there is nothing really on TV. Mystic Pizza is on, and Ive never seen it, so Ill see what its all about perhaps. Not feeling into watching football games today, I want some entertainment. Maybe I should be working on homework or trying to figure out what to do next on my thesis. But I feel like doing nothing today, just trying to stay warm with hot cocoa and grilled cheese sandwiches with chicken noodle soup.

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