Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Joys and Sorrows of Christmas

It should be a very merry christmas, however I have just learned of a death in the family today. We knew it would be, however it still comes as a shock, but at the same time I feel peace for those of whom it directly affects, because at the same time it is a bit of a blessing after a long while of suffering. The day after Christmas just as well be Christmas day, but in a sense, I guess he knew. We sent flowers today, a nice basket with a plant and some fruit. Ive never been great at handling these situations, but I just want them to know that we care. I guess it is a time to be thankful and to pray. The family is out of state, and well Im not sure really what to do today, so I will just discuss as usual here.
Yesterday was a good day, there were board games in the house, everyone fiddling with their new electronics. The house smelled of turkey, and potatoes and cinnamon from the Pastitsio. We enjoy feasting on these delightful specialties on Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, all topped off with custard, pecan, coconut cream and french silk pies. There were also dishes of chocolate candy spread around the house, and our stockings filled with it too. It was a day of eating and enjoying and the opening of gifts.
We got a traveling dvd player for my sister and her husband since it seems like they are always going. For the parents, we got them towels with tassels for their newly decorated bathroom. Also new pillows and sheets for their bed (as they have requested) and since I have such good taste, they let me have at it. Also dad had been hinting around for some time for a new Palm Pilot, so we found him one that can be used in wifi hotspots. That kept him busy for most of the afternoon. For my brother, it was the Sweet Machine from Target. Imagine it filled with dollar bills and bubble gum. He didnt look too excited for having to fish for his cash, but it was good fun at the same time. And for the husband, a handheld Nintendo was what he wanted so thats what he got. It kept him occupied for the drive back home. And last but not least, I got several excellent things for Christmas. I got seasons 1 and 2 of Greys Anatomy. Fabulous. Lots of pampered chef utensils, including the citrus press as to perfect my key lime pies. And the pink iPod nano. Ultrafabulous. I have been messing with it all morning, finding music to add to my itunes and I think I wore it out already, as it is currently charging now.
My baby Tula slept at my shoulder most of the night and purred. I missed her yesterday since I wasnt able to take her with us to the parents house, so she went to play with her sisters Cassia and Calyx. Here is a photo from last Christmas. Ok, two.

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