Saturday, December 23, 2006

Its Better to Give Than To Receive!

Just a couple of days until Christmas. Ive been enjoying my vacation thus far, and today went to visit the parents for a small family gathering and for a gift exchange. I also delivered a back seat full of gifts to put under the tree so that I am not tempted to peek at any of my gifts before christmas. I am moreso excited to see the looks on everyone else to see what they get...hehe I was able thanks to an ultrafabulous bonus check this year to go out and do christmas right. Ive also been enjoying christmas carols in the car and on my itunes thanks to a good friend at work.

Tomorrow I have plans to finalize any holiday shopping that may come to my head during my last minute search for gifts. There are a couple of people I need to buy for that I havent been real sure of what to get, so hopefully that problem will be solved tomorrow... Im also meeting up with my friend L, the latest bride.

I got a new christmas ornament today, it is white with a cat face on it... and a little tiara. My mom bought it for me because she said it looks like Tula. It really does.

Merry Christmas!!! Just a couple of days to go!!!

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