Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Eve of the New Year

Its shameful to think that Christmas has come and gone, as it became clear to me at the store this evening. All holiday decorations at 75% off and middle aged women fighting over the last fake poinsettia. The christmas aisles once filled with stockings, and ornaments have now become refuge to plastic storage containers with colored lids. The beginning of the new year heads of the spring cleaning attitude, obviously. Just a week ago I could barely deal with the unopened gifts that my family was about to receive. I was driving to my parents house to celebrate Christmas and it was raining and it was cold outside. It feels though now that Christmas happend a month ago. Now it is New Year's Eve and I am staring at a 4 day workweek just coming up in a couple of days. I guess going in on Tuesday may as well be better than coming in on Monday and dealing with a long week after a long and needed vacation.

Just one year ago, I was packing for a week of honeymoon in the big city of chicago, and wrapping up the final wedding plans, including a bridal luncheon hosted by my godmother, and a rehearsal at the church followed by a $764.40 rehearsal dinner for 30 at the downtown Tulsa Spaghetti Warehouse. I had completed my centerpieces and was up until 2:30 a.m. completing 12 dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and the seating chart chairs. Kudos to my friends L and J for stepping up and staying up late with me to complete the last few necessities. My favors included blowers, and a Turkish coffee cup and saucer with traditional jordan almonds wrapped in tulle and tied up with a bow. I purchased the tea cups from a very nice man in california who works with an imports company. I had purchased one set of cups and saucers from the World Food Market in Dallas, Texas just a few months before. I called one day asking him for 250 cup and saucer sets and he was appauled. I told him that my wedding was coming up and this was my dream treat. I wanted to see the greek ladies fight for a set. I wanted it to be the most fabulous event remembered for a long time. It did become my ultimate ultrafabulous event that I had always hoped for, including couture, my gown handmade by my mother.
My cake was fabulous, the icing was tinted a light champagne color. There was no white other than the calilillies, only ivory, black and champagne, with a light touch of burgundy - my suttle tribute to my alma mater - the University of Oklahoma. It is important in my family that no events such as even a fabulous wedding coincide with the day of a football game, bowl game, or other equivalent big 12 championship. Anyhow, we had chocolate cake, white cake, chocolate covered strawberries and cosmopolitans. For dinner, the mediterranean chicken with mango salsa and baby vegetables following salad with raspberry vinegarette. We didnt need crab cakes smothered in lemon butter to have a good time. In the Greek culture, food is only necessary for a fabulous time. (Im sure you have seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", so you understand).

It was odd being on vacation this week with nothing really to do except clean house. I did bake a wedding cake this weekend, not for myself, but for a freind of a coworker. That was the most Ive really had to do this week and I do have to admit that it has been quite nice. No commitments, and Ive only really left the house a handful of times this week to get groceries or needs for the cake. Overall I have to say that 2006 has been an interesting year with lots of ups and downs, highs and lows. I have to say welcome to 2007 (eventhough it is the high road to 30 for me...) and hope for an even better year.

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