Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Last night, we went to some friends house to ring in the new year. We played Yahtzee, Gin Rummy and enjoyed lots of snacks and treats. I took Tula to play with Cassia and Calyx. In the mean time I brought out my new years eve tiara that I made several years ago and my favorite red and brown Donna Karan's. My spinach dip was a hit, and so were the mimosa's. It was a good evening, maybe not the ideal way to spend an anniversary, but we were among friends, and well I think that is a great way to spend it anyway. My mother called and told me she has our cake top at home.

I think next week Im going to purchase either a treadmill or gazelle eliptical machine. I want something to do at home this year.

Anyway, enough babble. I didnt even have black eyed peas today. Ah well, didnt have any last new year's day either.

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Anonymous said...

eliptical .........Yesssssssssss