Sunday, October 15, 2006

White Wedding Weekend

Yesterday was a wonderful day... for a white wedding. It was fabulous. She had fabulous hair, fabulous dress, reminded me of a betsi Johnson dress - very her. The flowers were fabulous, oh my, I could go on and on. The wedding was at an old church downtown, and the reception a couple of blocks away at an art gallery. It was all the perfect collaboration of L and J, the bride and groom.

The personal favor was a button, each one individual and placed at the seat of each attendee. Mine said "Fabulous pair of shoes" after my voice mail which has been going on 4 years now which states "Im either in studio or trying on a fabulous new pair of shoes". My husbands was great too - she said it was her only memory of our wedding. I put my husband in a tuxedo with tails, while the other groomsmen and attendants were in standard coats. I wanted him to look spectacular, but as we all know, the tails kindof look penguinesque. We were waiting in a line, L in front of us to be announced at the reception following our ceremony. He asked why he was the only one in tails and I responded "because its like a penguin" since he knows what a penguin fan I am. He got this look on his face that was priceless "You put me in a penguin suit?" haha! So needless to say, his button said "A penguin suit?"

Her cake was also very magnificent. It had a spacer in the center holding up the top layer. There was a light inside - it glowed. Surrounding the glowing piece was white chocolate in the form of the skyline of Dallas, since that is where she recently relocated to for a new job upon graduation.

Today she and J are off to Hawaii, big island, but Im not sure if they have made it there yet, since there was an earthquake there. I cant get ahold of any of her family today, but I should be able to find out more tomorrow. Im sure they are fine. They were not on the island when it happend, just on their way.


Le Anna said...

Definately the best picture of the table I have seen yet! Takes an architect I guess. Thanks for all the compliments. Although, the penguin is not the "only" memory of your wedding I have...I am not that crazy...just the funniest. I definetly remember Class A fabulousness! luv, l-

Ms. M said...

yeah, not the only - I should fix that...

thanks for the kudos - yours was super class a fabulous!!!!

- mel