Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogging for a Day

Just another week and a couple of days before halloween. Tula will be sporting her new Angel wings, and I my new light up devil horns that I bought from a carnie who was walking along the riverwalk in San Antonio last week. Its been an interesting week , really, b ut now its nearly over and tomorrow begins another week.

I did volunteer with Ms. P at the Girlie Show this past weekend, and made a couple of cakes to go along with it. I didnt get photos though, it slipped my mind to take some pictures. I gave Tula a bath last night, she looks so funny when her fur is all wet. I do have to say that she was very good during her bath, although she did try to escape.
I had Olive Garden leftovers today for lunch, the four cheese manicotti reheats well, I might add. Tomorrow a new week at work. I had a couple of days off this past week to sit back and relax, and it was much needed. So tomorrow, hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go, and starting off the last of about 6 weeks left of classes.

Ive got one paper due on Tuesday, and then a thesis proposal meeting on Friday - Im not sure really what to call them really, its more of an advisor meeting to make sure that everything is going smoothly to wrap up the semester - since the proposal has already been approved to submit, but still needs some fine tuning. So off I go.

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