Thursday, October 26, 2006


Its been used alot this week, that is WTF. Seems so that its had its fill this week, perhaps time to retire it. WTF. WTF. WTF.

what the family? what the freak? what the fuck.

So its less than a week away to pass out candy to the fabulous children that go moping around the neighborhood - most under the watchful eye of their parents, but some hooligans out alone in a pack of other hooligans. WTF.

Its thursday now, and the week is finally winding down (or is it?) - its been a tragic week and a half so far - full of rediculous occurances that well, frankly shouldnt have occurred, ever. WTF.

It didnt quite turn out to be just another week, it was nearly as unpleasant as the last. WTF.

Im ready to go home and sleep now, as its been a sleepless week and a half. WTF.

Alot is in store this weekend - got some homework to do, some contemplating, and some making up to do - maybe. Gotta carve pumpkins and complete halloween constumes. Gotta buck up and bake this weekend for the office pot luck on Tuesaday. Gotta feel better, as my sinuses have not taken a liking to the up and down weather pattern here. 39 degrees one day, and 70 the next. WTF.

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