Friday, October 13, 2006

Freaky Friday the 13th

So Heart was very cool last night, and unfortunately so was the weather. I managed to end up with a fever this morning and missed out on most of the work day. I took some tylenol and got it together for my presentation, which couldnt be rescheduled. I went and was approved for the next three semesters of study. WOOHOO! So I guess I pass this semester, yay.

I went to work in the latter part of the afternoon to get at least something done today, and I did.

This week was very hectic, but its not quite over yet. I still have a wedding to go to tomorrow night for Ms. L - yeah!!! and then baking a cake on sunday...

Fairly descent though for a friday, and the 13th for that matter. Reminds me too, my brothers 17th birthday is just a month away...

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