Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Final Challenge

Its almost the season finale of Project Runway. Chloe, Daniel and Santino. They came to New York to debut their collections at Olympus Fashion Week to show their work and to find out who will be the "next big fashion designer."
Santino really came out tonight and told the world that he is really a good person, it showed pictures of him when he was young - funny to see him then and now. I think his collection is really working out for him, I am surprised - its not too over the top, and very colorful and classic looking. I do think he has a shot eventhough he has not been a favorite through the season.

I liked Daniels collection too, just what was shown. It wasnt anything super magnificent, but I do like his handbags even though Tim said they look like they were just out of dads garage. I think his pieces are a little different than the effect that he presented throughout the show.
Chloe. She only had one piece done when Tim went to visit her home. They showed a little bit of it, and I actually kinda liked it even though she doesnt have a "theme" of it all.

The final challenge being that they have to create one more look for the runway, and they only have one day! They got to choose someone who was previously eliminated to help them out.

Daniel chose Nick, and I think that Nick was just so excited to be a part of something that he
wanted so badly to do - Fashion Week! I know his big goal in life was to show at Olympus Fashion Week, and although in the foreground of it, he is still there and involved. Go Nick!

Santino chose Andre, and Chloe chose Diana.

If I were there, I would have been totally freaking out about now!

Next week we will see who is the big winner. I know any of them will do well, and I am glad that they know it is a competition for them, and they are really still supportive of one another unlike the first season where everyone was like "grrrrr"


taffy said...

Santino will probBLY WIN IT and I will be disheartened because he is a mong. It has been an enjoyable program, better than all the other rectum refuse on TV....adios, adidas, and goodight Melissa

Ms. M said...

Hi Taffy:

Thanks for posting. I have mixed feelings about Santino now, seeing that he is a struggling designer. I do have to admit that I do like some of what he produced in his collection though.