Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold Turkey

Ok so day one is the start of my southbeach diet (again...) I havent denied myself desert since December 30th, and Ive gained back a few pounds and its just time to start again. I cant fit in my "skinny pants" anymore so I started today with much success. The last time I did this diet before the last time I did this diet, I lost 30 lbs and gained back 60 lbs and then lost 40 lbs and gained back somewhere between 5 and 10 now I would guess....

I had a low carb chocolate slim fast for breakfast. I like them since they are creamy and really cold and oh yes, chocolate! I had a piece of sugar free cinnamon gum, one diet coke (although frowned upon for the first two weeks must do, I needed some caffeine today. For lunch I had a chicken breast with my favorite medley of broccoli, cauliflour, carrots, squash and zuchini. I get a big bag at the grocery store. Another piece of sugar free cinnamon gum. I worked late tonight so I had a slimfast for dinner along with two cheese sticks, and a handful of salted almonds, oh yes and another piece of sugar free cinnamon gum.

A couple of weeks ago I got some cute gaucho pants that are 2 sizes smaller than what I normally wear. It was a motivation to get dieting again. I contemplated last weekend on some activity that I should take up. Ice skating? Ballet? Tap? I dont enjoy running, walking, or really working out, but I do like to dance, and would enjoy some ice skating too, I need something that I can enjoy and that will make me want to go.

I need something to get excited about in life. Still feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I dont even know what about though. I need to get my groove back because I hate this feeling I have, and it wont go away.


Superstarfairy said...

Again good luck. I know the class is ending but I hope we can still K.I.T. Your funny and very intersting. Love to view your site. Have a great day and enjoy the weather.

Ms. M said...

Dear superstar fairy:

Yes class is almost over. Im taking the second 8 week class as well.
Today's weather was super crazy!!! 90 degrees! hard to believe, but yes I had to step out for a few minutes this afternoon to really take it in...lol

Thanks for posting comments on my blog, and glad you are enjoying it. I can truly say now that "I have an audience!" And that is fabulous. Ive been checking out your blog too! I will definately keep in touch with you, thanks again for all of your support and interest in my blog! It was great getting to know you in our blogs class :)