Friday, March 03, 2006

Day Three

Today is day three of my diet and I have to say that I think Im doing just fabulous with it. I had a chicken salad for lunch and a balsamic vinegarette salad and chicken for dinner. I got to go to J's house tonight as he was the host.

I had to turn down two choices for lovely dessert - one strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, strawberry goop, whipped cream and of course the shortcake.

Ms. Marvelous made some cupcakes with pink sprinkles on top. They were chocolate. I was eyeing them, but managed to resist.

Only one more day until the weekend. I cannot wait for some nice R and R. I have an exam this weekend and a paper both due by midnight on Sunday. Ill try to get everything out of the way tomorrow so that I can enjoy the weekend.

Im going to enjoy the final expisode of the Sopranos season 5 this weekend too. We decided to hold off to see it from last weekend because it would just make it better I guess.

Not much to really talk about today, just tired and ready for bed!


alhill23 said...

I admire your will power. If you have some extra, could you send it this way? :)

I've enjoyed reading your blog even though I didn't post. Good luck with everything.


Ms. M said...


Thanks for posting! I think its just one of those things it just hits and says "its time now"

I checked this morning and seems I didnt gain 10 lbs... but nearly 15 in 2 months! I like this diet, it makes me feel better and more in control of things, the hardest part is just getting started - the first 2 weeks are rough but then it just gets easier!

It is amazing how many things you can eat when you are dieting. I do grilled chicken and frozen vegetables because they are easier for me to keep in the freezer. I dont really have alot of time to cook for myself and what not.