Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunny Sunday... Inside.

Today has been an interesting and extremely productive day. I got up, played with my cat since she probably feels bad for getting locked out of the bedroom at approximately 4 a.m. daily because she wakes me up. I did laundry today, actually ate breakfast, and now Im sitting in the computer lab at school putting in my time for my GA position for the design department this semester. I just finshed grading some assignments too.
Ive been reading up on how to learn html this week and looking forward to producing my fabulous web page for class this next week. Im doing mine on my hobby of cooking. it will be hard to look at food pictures this week since I just started my diet. Trying to lose a few pounds for the wedding this december.
Anyway, overall its been a decent week, and I am glad that we got some rain. I love rainy days.

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