Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ready for the Fall

Well again it is Sunday. Still hot as it can be. I was excited to hear that we may have gotten some rain from tropical storm Rita, but it seems that is not the case. Not a cloud in signt. I am so ready for the leaves to start turning and for the cool crisp air to come about.

My family came to visit today, but I have not seen them yet. My brother has a soccer tournament, so I will be meeting up with them this evening for dinner. I had to come and monitor the design lab this afternoon, so I will be staying until it is time to leave for dinner.

This is the first time that both of my parents and my grandmother will see my new house, so Im excited for them to be here. Ive put in alot of effort, and its time to show them what all Ive done. My sister will be hosting them until I meet up with everyone.

Im proud of my accomplishment this week working on my webpage with no help this time at all. It is such a great feeling to be in the know about html for sure now.

Im excited for desperate housewives tonight, afterall it is the new season premier. I cant wait to figure out if Rex is really dead or not. I am thinking that the son had something to do with it moreso than with Bree. I guess we will have to find out. Just a few hours to go!!!

Im leaving tomorrow for a site visit to Michigan. We have two locations this coming week to get photos and dimensions. This week will certainly be a busy one. I will probably be out of pocket for a couple of days, so will get caught up on Wednesday.

I think this is enough babble for today. So signing off until next time,



Dorothy Cady said...

Fall is sneaking in on us. Whispers of rain on Friday, and lower temperatures starting very soon, maybe even tonight. It's funny how we wish for cooler weather when it's really hot, and warm weather when it's really cold. Guess that even though our mind has the memory of changing weather, our bodies just want it to hurry up and happen.

You have done well with your web page. It's good to learn something new, and being forced to develop our own web pages has also forced us to learn what we need to know in order to accomplish it. I expected to learn new things when I started this class, but I've learned so much more than I thought I would. Seems that you've learned a great deal as well.

MINNIE said...

Yes, me too. I had been looked forward for the rain from Rita too, but nothing happened. :-(