Sunday, September 11, 2005

Save it for a rainy day

Well it is Sunday afternoon once again, and I am truly enjoying the rain that is coming through.
The week went by fast since it was technically a 4 day week and the weekend has gone by even faster. I have done more homework than I care to mention this weekend too. Its hard to get things done in the evening, because the laptop has started spending the week with my fiance in dallas, so its been some nights with no link to the outside world. Its ok because when I get bored at night I tend to shop online - so I guess Ive saved a few bucks here and there. I have put in an order with our IT person at work to get me a good deal on a new computer to have here at the house.
Tula has been great this week - its definately taken some time to get used to, but we are getting along well. She went to the vet on Thursday morning to be declawed. Friday, she spent the day at my sisters house with her own siblings, Cassia and Calyx to play. We decided that Wednesdays would be a good day of the week every week to bring Tula by to play. That is my longest day of the week, I dont get home before 10:30 p.m. This way, she still remembers her siblings and my sister and her husband. I like it that she is comfortable around them.

Today is also the anniversary of 9/11/01. I took a few moments this morning to reflect on what happend then and how life has changed over the last few years. I agree that people are moving on and doing things again, but there is still the feeling of being "unsure" out there.

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