Monday, August 09, 2010

3 for 33

I have always enjoyed my birthday, and just birthday's in general. This year I decided to have a full on birthday weekend to celebrate turning 33 with all of my friends over 3 days.

Friday, August 06, 2010
Friday night was an evening out at Groovy's - a disco club in Oklahoma City. A few friends gathered and danced and drank beneath the disco ball for hours. A friend of mine's husband even developed a new dance for all of us to do. It even involved animal moves... and it sounded good at the time. Following Groovy's, a few of us headed over to the COPA to continue the spectacle. Too soon the evening came to a close and we found ourselves at IHOP enjoying breakfast at 2 a.m.

Saturday, August 07, 2010
Noon on Saturday came way too quickly. It was time to prepare for the evening Rockband party. Wearing tattered jeans, I baked a hot pink chocolate guitar cake, whipped up some homemade salsa, and some feta dip.

Fruit and Veggies

Homemade Salsa

Pink Guitar

Slowly, an intimate crowd poured in to open up their inner rock star. We had a good time singing, and busting some moves. Before I knew it, it was creeping into the morning hours once again and was time to call it a night.

Earlier that day, I received a package in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised to find this. A large scale spiderman wall decal. I had mentioned it to my sister some time ago, and sure enough, he has arrived.

Sunday August 08, 2010
By sunday at 10:30 a.m., I woke up tired and hurting from all of the excitement. Who knew that playing so much rockband would make your legs hurt. Or maybe it was all of the dancing on concrete in high heels. So on sunday, my design competition that I had been working on for the last couple of weeks would be due by 6 p.m. I only had to work on a few final details (which fro some are the most timely)... format it, and print it, and have it bound for submission. It took me nearly 5 hours to complete it what would have been 2 hours of work. But I managed to make it somewhat on time to the plans for Sunday Evening.

Appetizers and drinks at Cafe NOVA - however on Sundays, they are only open for brunch. We visited Musashi's instead. My friend Erin and I ordered a lovely pineapple infused vodka martini at Musashi's, complete with a sugared rim. And some edemame. Delish.

Pineapple Infused Vodka

I got the monarch butterfly necklace from Erin as well. Someone has been poking in my etsy favorites ;)

Following drinks and appetizers, we headed around the corner to one of my favorite restaurants, Iron Starr Barbeque. They even serve my favorite COOP Beer there as well as their fancy mac and cheese. I had my usual beef brisket sandwich with a side of fancy mac and cheese and fried okra. Even decided to try the orange mango martini there too.

Orange Mango Martini

I laughed when Leslie and Dave's gift was super heavy... come to find out, it was baking groceries. Fab. And from Portia and Joel, a shoe cake server. With a glittery gold heel.

Gourmet Server

We all had a great time I presume, and I was glad I got to see many people that I have not seen in awhile. It is a shame that work and life get in the way too often. So, this is what birthday's are

Last stop for the evening was Orange Leaf. After dessert, I was ready for bed. Long weekend, but a good one.

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