Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Melissa Got Her Groove Back

I love my dinner parties, playing Hostess and the Mostess. Some of the girls came by for a Dirty Santa party and dinner to get in the mood for the Holidays. The food was amazing, and the company better. With the tree up and decorated, holiday music playing, and gifts piling up in the corner to open and steal, dinner of tilapia fish, cheese manicotti, greek salad, and lots of good appetizers filled the kitchen and our bellies. It was nice to have a prayer before a meal too.
Dining Table Done Up
Black Olive Penguins
I set the table and made Christmas ornaments for the guests. We drank wine and laughed, and played several games of "Apples to Apples".
This was the first time I have tried mulled apple cider with spiced rum, and peach schnapps, alone respectively, of course.
Place Setting
It was my first dinner party since February 2007, and it felt nice. I want to have them more often. I feel like I have my groove back, and it feels good.

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