Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magic Kingdom

So I am 32 years old, and I finally visited Disney World, Magic Kingdom. It was quite a fun and fantastic place indeed. When my friend and I arrived, the ferry boat took us across a small lake slowly towards Cinderella's Castle. It grew larger as we got closer. I could hardly believe that I was there. It was a great day outside too, the weather warm and sunny. There were tons of little girls roaming the streets in their princess attire purchased at the local shops along Mainstreet USA, where the afternoon parades begin. Hundred's of people lined the streets to see the characters come out on their floats. One by one they came about, followed by dance troops with ribbons and banners, singing "celebrate the place where all your dreams do come true."

Following the parade, we went to the Monster's Inc. Laugh In, to generate power through laughs, instead of screams... The show was quirky and funny. I was totally digging the light fixtures they had in the studio though... they were pretty cool. Looked like some "googly eyes" if you will. I have to say though, that the carousel of progress was very cool, I believe it was built by Walt Disney for a World's Fair in the 60's. The characters in the theater were brought to life by Walt's voice. I thought that was very cool. My favorite attraction, however, at the Magic Kingdom, was the Buzz Lightyear Ride. It is a train of many cars and lots of targets inside to shoot at. Kinda like laser tag, and you get a score card to rank yourself when you finish. Let's just say I had to enjoy this one more than once :)

I also visited Disney Downtown. A lovely place with lots of restaurants and shops. I dropped too much cash on Christmas Ornaments though. I got T-Rex, from Toystory, Buzz and Woody also from Toystory, and then couldn't resist a Cinderella and Tinkerbell too. All in all, a few days to escape reality and visit a magical place that I definitely want to see again someday.

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