Saturday, September 19, 2009

Final Days of Summer

Today was a nice day outside. Two official days of Summer left, then the days will begin to darken early. It has been a decent summer. The weather hot, a great vacation overseas followed by a super tan, a fabulous birthday, a wedding in Newport Beach, RI, lots of hard work, and a trip to visit my friend in Dallas.
I went to the office for a bit, cared for the neighbor's dogs, Izzy, Meredeth, and Gabby.
Outdoor playtime
Contemplating a new addition to the family myself, in the form of a dachshund.
8 Weinie Puppies
I re-mulched the front garden, I didn't realize it needed a lot of sprucing. I added a couple of red mums against the blonde colored brick on my house too.

Today was OU vs. Tulsa, final score 62-21 in favor of crimson and cream.

Ive been cleaning house and getting rid of un-needed items and today I found a birthday card from a few years ago. I love the shoes, they are so sassy on the cover with those little crystal chandeliers dangling on the heel.

Inside, it says:

"Hey Glamour Girl:

Happy Birthday! I wanted to tell you that you really INSPIRE me. You have worked really hard and it is paying off. I hope this card gives you a chance to look back and realize how far you've come. I think you will achieve all your goals. Love L."

I can't even say how I feel right now - I needed to find this on a day like today. It made it so much better than all of the good things that have already happened today. This last year has been a roller coaster ride of all sorts. Everything is coming together and I continue to keep doing what Ive been doing.

My horoscope told me the other day that something good would be coming soon. I believe it. Perhaps when I figure out where to get settled I will treat myself to the 90th Anniversary Kitchenaid Mixer with glass bowl. Gorgeous. *drool*

So close, yet so far away.

Gotta Get One

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