Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single and Fabulous!

Today was Valentine's Day. My sister dropped off something for me today, she came to the door with a look on her face that was surely up to no good. "Hang on a minute." she said, "I have something in the car for you." I waited inside because of the cold weather, and she came running up the porch with a bag, and a giggle. "I saw this and thought of you" she said. I looked inside and couldn't help but laugh. A bottle of "bitch" literally.
Bottle of Bitch
I sat in a hot bath today, ate Blue Bell Banana Split Ice Cream, talked to some friends, and made my self a date on the sofa with the DVR and nearly three weeks of unwatched television. Instead though, just got back from Dinner with Ms. P. We share an obsession of pink alcoholic beverages served up in martini glasses. Tonight, it was a pomegranate martini. Very nice, and tangy and had just one.
Pomegranate Martinis
I recall an episode of Sex and the City titled "Single and Fabulous!" (exclamation point). I even have the t-shirt with the famous slogan. There is something commercial and negative about being single on Valentine's Day. It was a last minute decision to get outside in the cold and to meet up for dinner. Neither of us were excited to get out and about in the crowds of PDA and couples while standing around waiting for tables, but we always have something to talk about and laugh about, and so time rolls by, almost too quickly. We had a great evening. I miss working with her and hearing her laugh every day, with her famous words and sayings which include: "oh hell" "mother of pearl" and "get it done, and your golden".
I have a small bag of Dark Chocolate Dove hearts in my purse left over from work on Friday. I passed out a couple of them to the waitress and a few passer by's. My chocolate affirmation as I like to call them inside the wrapper tonight states "Go where your heart takes you." Something to think about I guess.

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