Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun on the Floor

I must admit that it is an honor to have been contacted to write an article for home carpet ideas about this website, Fun on the Floor. I opened it up expecting to see something that might make me blush, but sure enough, it was carpet!
In my years of specifying yarn dyed, solution dyed and tip sheared wovens, I must say that the contrast of commercial vs. residential flooring has captured my eye.
The first thing that drew my attention at Fun on the Floor was the "lookbook". Here, you have the ability to choose looks, colors, textures, and patterns geared toward a specific room in your home or office by assigning a name to your area such as "living room" or "office". You can browse through some of the photographs and save and print the images that inspire you and allow you to make an interactive and thoughtful decision on flooring for your home.
Read what satisfied customers have had to say and take a tour with Danielle Proud, a designer in the UK. she guides you through a home so you can see various installations of Fun on the Floor carpeting. Stripes, florals, custom patterns, bold colors and muted tones can be viewed throughout, and not on floors alone... "From dramatic to fun to practical ideas," she says!
One of my favorites in the house is a technology I have not yet seen or experiened here in the United States. Innovative imagination exists with the intricate use of LED lighting woven into the flooring! Oh how I would love to test drive this magic carpet!
The website also allows consumers to order carpet samples easily and learn about carpet fibers, weaves, and pile. The website also suggests means to measure your space and plan your budget and material needs.
I feel the educational aspect of this will allow consumers to better be advised on their needs with flooring and the durability and cleanability of the product despit the look, texture, and feel.
Overall, I feel the website is user friendly, easy to navigate, is straight forward, and educational about carpet! I have experienced many commercial carpeting websites which allow you to look at images to see the pattern and direction, but this one is still fun, useful, an simple enough for the average Joe! Take a few minutes and let your imagination wander and generage new ideas for your home.

Images used with permission: Copyright Fun on the Floor; and via Flickr.

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