Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Summer of My Life

This summer has hardly been the exotic or fabulous summer of my life that I will remember always, but I am working some accomplishments and adjustments in life. The summer I speak of is the summer of the seasons of my life. I received the parish newsletter a few weeks ago and just got to opening it up this past week.

The first entry discusses "The Seasons of Our Life"
"How ironic life can be! When we are young, we cant wait to grow up
and enjoy what we perceive to be the privileges of adulthood.
When we grow older, we look back with longing nostalgia
to the days of our youth"

It is funny because Ive recently begun to think that my life is flying by and that I am missing out on some of it's splendor. I have begun to feel old since Ive turned thirty, and I am just going to continue to grow older. I was watching an Oprah re-run the other night, and the highlight of the show was about women in their thirties. Single women and married women all discussing what life is like and what they had expected it to be by now. I have done alot of things and have accomplished alot of things, that is even some things that others have not by the time they are thirty. I have an education, a home, and a career. I play mom to a pet cat and manage to keep the lawn looking nice. I am my own super woman.
There are still many things I want to do in life and many things I want to accomplish as well. We all have these dreams and goals. The article though talks about embracing the seasons of our life, I feel that I am entering the summer of my life as part of my thirties, and when I am about 50 or so, that will be the fall, and then after 70 or so will be winter perhaps. This is my perception of the seasons, not what the article suggests. The article does suggest however, that "God offers what we need so that we can realize our fullest potential, no matter what our age might be."

With some of my recent experiences in life, writing a thesis, finishing up with school, and seeking new challenges and experiences in my career for example, I am understanding further my talents, self value and worth. The perception of myself is the summer of my life, and therefore the writing tells me that those of us in the summer or autumn should "face our many challenges in the assurance of God's sustaining graces." Although these challenges are those in making ourselves right for our eternal life, they can also be the challenges we achieve or fail with our careers, education, finances, and with life itself.

One quote from the article outlines what it is like to grow older and why we fight age:

"As the years advance, we find that they confer their gifts of
maturity, wisdom, and perspective. At the same time,
our physical nature declines, making us less eager to go on at all cost,
and prepareing us to enter our eternal home.
That is exactly why older people are so much at peace,
and find it so easy to let go, when their time arrives.
If we were forever young, strong, and beautiful,
we might never want to leave."

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