Saturday, July 05, 2008

Change for Better or Worse

Sometimes change can be good. Two weeks ago, I gave my notice to the place I have worked for the last four + years. I had to prepare myself for a little change to come, to leave the comfort zone and to live for new opportunities and experiences that will enhance my career for one. I wasn't sure I had made the right choice in leaving, but then these fabulous flowers showed up at my office after I had accepted the new offer. Birds of paradise in the arrangement - it was my sign to fly.

Bird of Paradise

I will begin my new endeavors on Monday, and am looking forward to it. A change of scenery, people, and daily tasks.

Meanwhile, this evening was fabulous. My neighbors had a pot luck picnic so I baked a couple of pies (which now I realized I forgot to photograph earlier) but looked fabulous, and delicious. They went quickly. I baked a cherry pie and an apple pie and used my fun cut outs on the top crusts. They were still warm when I served them up at the party. There were loads of fireworks, and since it is outside of certain city limits, fireworks are permitted in the residential areas... sooo we had a great show, sat out in the comfort of our homes and stared up at the sky.


and here is just a bit of what I saw as well:

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