Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Showers Bring May Flowers...

It is raining outside, nothing new here really for this time of year. I love it though, the rain, thunder, and the occasional tornado (you know the ones that dont do any damage or hurt anyone). Just a phenomenon that will always be something of interest I guess. On Oprah last night, they had a hypnotist who took people back into their "previous lives." I thought it was another interesting phenomenon, you know, going back to see who and what you were in past lives (if they so exist). I would imagine that maybe I was Dorothy or something and was carried off by a big twister, thus explaining my interest in them...

Anyway, on to more interesting things, like the intellegence deck! Card number 7 of 50:

Le Chic Chick knows...

"The Twelve Major Gods and Goddesses...
Zeus (Greek)/ Jupiter (Roman)
King of the gods, god of thunder
Hera (Greek)/ Juno (Roman)
Queen of the gods, protector of women
Aphrodite (Greek)/ Venus (Roman)
Goddess of beauty and love
Apollo (Greek and Roman)
Sun god, god of prophecy
Ares (Greek)/ Mars (Roman)
God of war
Artemis (Greek)/ Diana (Roman)
Goddess of hunting, protector of animals and children
Athene (Greek)/ Minerva (Roman)
Goddess of wisdom and war
Demeter (Greek)/ Ceres (Roman)
Goddess of fertility, and of fruit and crops
Hephaestus (Greek)/ Vulcan (Roman)
God of Fire
Hermes (Greek)/ Mercury (Roman)
Messenger god, god of travelers
Hestia (Greek)/ Vesta (Roman)
Goddess of the hearth and home
Poseidon (Greek)/ Neptune (Roman)
God of the Sea"

As a Greek myself, I was often asked if I worshiped the Greek gods when I was younger... the answer was and still is no of course, but they are interesting philosophical gestures anyhow. I think if I had to pick one who represents me best it would be Hera. I have an interest in protecting my friends, and I also have an interest in adopting someday rather than having my own children.

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