Sunday, May 11, 2008

Commencement, 2008

Yesterday was a big day. First and foremost, it was my baby Tula's 3rd Birthday! Happy Birthday Tula!!!

Second, it was the evening I have been waiting for. Commencement. It was somewhat surreal. I was thinking about it all day yesterday, but tried to keep busy with things instead. I got my sister to drive me since I told her I planned to drink heavily afterwards, so we all hopped in the car and drove to the campus. I had to go find the other graduates, as instructed so that they could line us up and send us on a campus walk to commemorate our time spent at the university and for the students who have gone before us. It was a tradition to walk and to touch the bell that was used in 1890. Many of the girls walking took their shoes off because of uncomfortable heels and pumps. The campus police officers blocked off the streets so that the line of graduates could walk in a procession.

We waited outside the building for several minutes while the wind blew. Holding our hoods, some got away with the wind and several were also chasing caps and honor cords. Whatever the weather was doing, I was excited to be there. I have earned it, and I have worked hard on everything I have done there. I have sacrificed, and have shed tears in the making. Last Tuesday I walked three copies of my thesis (on 25% cotton paper) to the archives and special collections to leave them for binding. I was thinking of this last night, and I couldnt believe that it was all done.


Finally it was time to enter, two by two we walked into commencment and stood for the entrance of the faculty, and for the National Anthem. We listened to the president of the university speak for a few minutes, and then lined up to be hooded. They announced names one by one, and we walked, smiled for the camera as the dean's placed hoods over our heads, we shook hands and were given a diploma cover. It was an exciting walk back down the center aisle back to my seat. It was a great honor to look over to the faculty and receive expressions of accomplishment.

I got to see some friends from other classes, and some good friends who traveled far to be with me last night. It was quite an evening, and I will remember it always.

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