Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stayin' Alive

Yes, yes I am still among the living. Just dont really have alot of extra time right now to blog, clean house, get the oil changed in the car or open mail... Life is busy, and looking forward to some down time in the coming weeks.
The thesis is coming along well, two weeks until the defense. Still some work to do yet, this weekend making some changes, getting it all formatted, and adding a little something here and there. Im blogging now and procrastinating today. Just three weeks until graduation, and then time to head out into the real world.
I was on campus yesterday morning near the pond when some geese came to shore with a pack of little ones. The momma or the daddy goose was hanging out watching and warning humans to stay away with hissing sounds. The little guys were so cute I had to stop for a moment and take some pictures.

Coming to Shore
Dont Come Another Step Closer

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