Monday, March 03, 2008

Untitled on the Shelf

There has been a nasty strain of the flu virus going around... I had part one of it a few weeks back, and now it is on to phase two, I guess. I had an entire weekend planned to get caught up and finished with the writing portion of my thesis. One last marathon weekend to get it so that it could be sent off to editing. I guess it is safe to say that the thesis is making me sick, literally...
Saturday, I began feeling weak, with chills and a fever (among the other yuckiness). The only thing that sounded appetizing were saltine crackers and 7-up. Luckily, my sister came to the rescue and found me crackers and 7-up. I continued to trudge on through writing. Sunday was a bit better, but still not 100%, then it hit me again last night. I sent my paper off to my friend for editing. I was just thinking how no one will probably ever read my thesis paper... It may sit upon the shelves in the library stacks for centuries to come without a page ever turned. That is ok and at least I know I have a great friend who is sitting now reading line by line, checking for grammatical errors and things that just dont make sense.
So thank you Andrea for all of your help... It will not go un-noticed :)

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