Sunday, November 25, 2007

Forever Fall

This is the 200th post for me. I just noticed.

I love fall, wearing sweaters and schlepping my favorite scarf around my neck. I managed to capture a gorgeous sunny fall day here in Oklahoma. Usually we dont see red leaves, they tend to go from green to brown, unlike the northern states where leaves are all shades of green, yellow, orange and red. It is something to see a little color here in the fall.

Anyway, back to blogging as life has been crazy lately and has taken me in circles really. Lots to do, yet too much to finish in one or two days or even a weeks time. I am excited it is starting to get cold outside - real cold. Winter is slowly sneaking among us, and the Christmas shopping season is in full force. Im not one to venture out into endless crowds on Black Friday so instead I ventured to the attic to retrive the christmas tree, decorations and ornaments that stay tucked away for 10 3/4 months of the year. I got a few pics of my favorite ornaments too - they are the one thing I argue that is worth collecting. Ornaments come out and are cherished for the holidays. They clutter only the tree, and the means of storage really. They dont stay out all year long to collect dust. So this is why I love them. Tula remembers the tree too. It is her new favorite place to hang out. She doesnt bother it really, just likes to sit underneath it. At least I know where to find her.

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