Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekends, Wins and Weddings

Happy Columbus Day! It was a great day to be off work, gorgeous weather outside, seems fall is attempting to creep in, but I think it will be awhile yet before temperatures actually start to fall. A cold front came through early this morning which brought rain and thunder - perfect snoozing weather. My godsister got married this weekend too - it was a fabulous wedding. Despite the wedding date occuring on OU/Texas game day, it all worked out. The church parking lot was full and the final 23 seconds of the game was still happening. There was a line of people waiting to file into the church. Finally the clock ran out, and the final score was 28-21 with an OU victory. Satisfied, we walked into the church and still managed to have a decent seat because my brother had the fabulous job as usher and knew we would need VIP seating. Then the wedding began. A few forgiving minutes had gone by since the game had just ended and like myself, there were still some wandering in with small smiles on their faces.

Mayo Hotel Lobby

I wasnt sure what a "K - dahlings" wedding would look like, but it was fabulous. Colors were sage, ivory, and antique pink, a hint of japanese style with obi belts and take - out boxes of koufeta. The groom and his men all wore black converse sneakers with their tuxedos. A wave went down the men's side as the bride and groom stood up on the altar in the church. Little hints of exactly what a wedding should be, a representation of the bride and groom, and just what it was.

The reception was held at the historic Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. I remember going to someone's wedding reception there many many years ago, but do not remember who's it was - I know I was a small child. But now after undergoing renovation, it was fabulous and made the reception a hit. It was cozy and spacious, and it just made the evening.
For fear of her seeing her gift before it was received, I couldnt post pictures, but I was quite proud of the compulation of the wedding gift. A few things on the registry, and a few things not, but I hope they enjoy it anyhow. The espresso and blue hand towels were something that they had registered for at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had given them a few bath towels for their bridal shower, but wanted a fun wedding gift to top things off with. How do you make hand towels fun? Here is the answer. The small crate was another registry item, and was perfect for packaging everything up. This fabulous appetizer dish was one of the inspiring pieces for the sushi themed gift. I could just imagine rolls of seaweed and rice adorning the marvelous piece. I was perusing Etsy one day and came across some ultra fabulous kitchen textiles that were irresistable. The sushi kitchen towel and matching oven mitt! Very well made if I do say so myself. (Images by HBIC). These are rolled up in the basket of "rolls". My favorite item in the basket is the ebi timer - looks like a piece of sushi on a cutting block. Fabulous. Im jealous that they got this... but thats cool. Ive been eyeing a cupcake timer for my kitchen anyway. There is a set of bubble chopsticks in there too. So congratulations miss K dahling!!! Hope you are having a super honeymoon and hope you enjoy getting moved into your new place and figuring out where to put all of your new wedding gifts!

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