Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Famous Architect

Tonight I must say, has been intriguing, inspiring, and invigorating. Early last week, our local AIA chapter announced an event, a lecture. There are many things that occur in the community, but nothing like this. Antoine Predock, FAIA was the guest speaker, and visiting Goff Chair lecturer to the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture. Each year, architects from all over the united states come to take part in the Goff Chair lecture series, and it has been a long tradition. What an exciting event to attend to - with such an exciting speaker, architect, and being. It was more than I expected really. Glass trusses, an emergence of the use of materials and pressing them to the extreme, yet maintaining integrity of the materials, and the land use - all maintaining sustainability. What we think of as great architecture is not typically found in our suburban cities - well not the daily grind of new construction anyhow. There are awards to be awarded each year, thousands of new structures, renovations and interior design projects. The almighty budget often proves to be a barrier between the magnificent and mediocre. But to actually sit back and design without worrying about timesheets and overhead - exactly what Predock said he doesnt do - worry. He said he just gets it done. Architecture is his life. He is 50 years into his career now, and he is a master at what he does - he is what every young aspiring intern, architect and architecture student strive to be. He discussed his work that has been published in his most recent book, Antoine Predock architect.
And if you are interested, listen to the Antoine Predock podcast hosted by the AIA.

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