Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Night Television

Well today is the day... actually I should say that tonight is the night! For Grey's Anatomy, that is. And tonight I can actually sit and watch it as it is shown rather than waiting for the weekend (and hoping there was enough room on the DVR for it). We will see the aftermath of Christina's wedding (or non wedding that is) and will find out if Kate Walsh (Addison) is on a farewell or if she even had to come back at all since she now has her own show, Private Practice. Hopefully tonight will be worth the hype and the waiting.

The Office is back tonight as well, and Hero's is on next Monday. Fall television is back. I wonder if Notes from the Underbelly will be back sometime in the near future. And the show I do miss and wish it would continue somehow, is Big Day.

The weekend is near and so is playing catch up on homework. Ciao!

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