Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Love New York

So Im just randomly in New York this week. Its fabulous. I guess I shouldnt say randomly, but it feels random. We just hopped on a plane and came here, but yes there was a reason. My husband won an award so we got to go tonight for dinner on the 64th floor of the Rockefeller Center. To the Rainbow Room. I sat there amongst my fillet mignon that was indeed cooked per my desired specifications which I did not have to mention, but was thinking that wow, this is really a once in a lifetime experience to have dinner in this space. I met some wonderful people tonight. My husband's coworkers and their spouses, fiance's and friends. It was a wonderful evening fabulously spent. My feet hurt though from walking up and down 49th street in high heels on old turf that inclines toward the street. Lets just say that is not fabulous for ankles and knees although I managed. We went for drinks following at the Mariott's revolving restaurant and lounge The View. It was great to see some of Manhattan while being seated for once.

Last night we went to the top of the Rockefeller Center to view the city around us. We didnt go up into the empire state building. We will save that for next time we are here. I took a boat ride today to inspect upper and lower manhattan from the water ways. It was great, and yes, New York isnt as BIG as I expected, yet it is HUGE! I dont know what I was expecting really, but I am glad that I finally made it here. Oh, and I got to check out Madonna's new fashion collection at H&M - Ultra Fabulous by the way.

Alaskan Cruise - still need to book a vacation

New York City - check - but need to go back again

Seattle - still need to book a vacation

All in all, Its fabulous, Im satisfied, and Im ready to come back home.

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