Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Bloody Valentine

I spent the day alone, home sick in bed. Blah. I had planned to make sugar cookies for the office or maybe another treat last night, but that didnt happen. I went straight to the Dr's office after work to get a cotton swab stuck up both of my nostrils and then was given a prescription for an antibiotic, or z-pack. Symptoms began to show Monday night and Tuesday I suffered a sore throat all day. It snowed today, lightly and then a bit heavier in the evening, and it may still be snowing, Im not sure. All I know is that its cold, and I spent Valentine's Day all by myself... Well Tula is here, but she bit me today when I didnt pet her correctly so there - or maybe it was a love bite. I have a nice scratch on my hand, she managed to break skin, and perhaps it bled a little today. Thanks Tula, I love you too.

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