Friday, January 19, 2007

Ready, Set, Snow!

Enough about the weather already! Actually, the real excitement is just beginning (for me anyhow). Ive lived many winters without a good hearty snow and now Im going to get one. The last I remember, I was in 5th or 6th grade perhaps and I recall attempting an igloo out in the front yard with my sister. It was spring break and it snowed heavily and we were already out of school, so it didnt matter. I would love to go make snow angels again, but now I prefer to watch it coming down from the sky as I stand behind the window. I just want to watch it grow on the lawn as it falls. I have missed the snow here at home, and am welcoming it in full force. The refrigerator is full, cupboards full and my house nearly spotless. My sister and I went for a pedicure today and then went off to Target for a two hour excursion as Ive been suffering from withdrawls. I purchased some things for the care packages that we are sending out at work - the soldiers are asking for healthy snacks, picture frames, and photo albums, so I bought just that. Also a new accessory or two for my ipod... and a few other much needed items around the house.

So on come the snow, a relaxing weekend ahead with hot cocoa, brownies and ice cream. And with lots of attention for Tula.

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