Monday, December 10, 2007


Last week I was craving snow. I even mentioned to someone last week that I was ready for some good winter weather. Well it came last night big time - thunder, lighting, sleet, freezing rain and the result was a thick glaze of ice on everything that is outside. I talked to a couple of friends this morning and one even said that a tree limb fell on her car! She ended up at a hotel later in the afternoon because her power went out at home, which is similar to many others.

Ice on the Fence

Ive been fortunate today to have power and heat, something that many are searching for right now. I did lose power for a few minutes this evening, but luckily it came back on pretty quickly. Tula and I just stayed in today and napped and did homework. I even got around to baking some cookies and then enjoyed a super hot bath. I was amused though at the size of the icicles hanging off of my house - I stepped out long enough to get cold and to take some photographs. I think that they provide a small sampling of what is really going on around here.

Big Icicles

Bendy Tree

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