Monday, July 30, 2007

One Week

I was winding down last night watching television and although I already knew, the Sex and The City movie is confirmed. I cannot express my excitement enough. I will be there first in line on opening night (I am planning already and the film has yet to be made)... but this is still very exciting. And while all of this is going on, I am still thinking about the things I have to do this week...

I have 2 deadlines this week

1. Mail off scholarship package by 08.01.07
a. proofread all text
b. print and bind
c. find suitable means of guaranteed overnight service
i. US Postal Service
ii. UPS
iv. DHL
2. Submit IRB form to the university by 08.03.07
a. still need instructors to provide some information
b. still need instructors to provide some information
c. still need instructors to provide some information

hold ups hold ups hold ups. this is my life. and as for mailing it off overnight, it may come down to the easiest and quickest method of shipment. Although I tend to choose USPS because I have used their overnight service before with success, but if someone isnt there to sign for it, they wait until the next day to attempt delivery again, where the others will leave a slip and a phone number to call...

can you tell I am stressing out? Good news is, once these things are out of the way, I can still have a slight bit of summer vacation.

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