Monday, July 09, 2007

Flight of the Cupcake

Almost more than I despise driving behind men in pick-up trucks who are smoking cigarettes and wearing cowboy hats and driving at least 10mph below the speed limit, I despise the word "cuppy or cuppie" cake. As I have been spending some time on flickr perusing others idea of fabulous cupcakes and just generally feeling inspired, I keep coming across "cuppy cakes" or "cuppies" (which by the way made these yummy looking contraptions seem not so yummy all of a sudden when I read the title) - and those two words together are vile. They are cupcakes! Little cakes of joy and wonder topped off with various frosting types and sprinkles. There is something to be said about a cupcake vs. cuppycake - or cuppies for worse. Maybe it is just me having a bad attitude, or maybe people just need to grow up and quit giving a respectful dessert a bad name.

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