Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finals Schminals.

As finals week is lingering and the semester is coming to a close, I have to say that this has been the longest five months of my life! Ive managed my way through three courses, including a long literature review for my thesis (more details coming later!) and putting together two presentations for a class, and suffering through a weekend class...arggg Ill never do that again, thats for sure. I need my weekends to sleep and to catch up and do homework. And mow the lawn and tend to my red plum tree out front which is growing leaves all the way down the trunk. And spend time with my husband and with Tula, ok you get the point.

All in all though, I am satisfied, but its still not over until Friday, and even then it is still not over. I will be submitting my survey to interior designers and employers all summer long. Next semester I will be compiling all of those survey results and analyzing the statistics.... fun.

Next may I will be graduating, it is exciting to think about.

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