Thursday, November 02, 2006

Displaced Designer

Im lost somewhere between architecture and interior design, so Ive recently discovered. Ive got my undergraduate degree in architecture, and then Im still attending school for interior design... they are similar, yet so different.

I care about design and the spaces people inhabit. I care about aesthetics and the way spaces appear. I care about the lighting whether it is too bright, or too dull. I care about what the ceiling is made of and what it looks like.

Ive got three semesters to complete for my graduate degree, then Im set to start fulfilling all of the professional requirements. But what comes first? Should they be simultaneous in application? Should I register to take the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) exam first, and then study for the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam)?

Im working at a great firm, which offers the most appeal to both sides of the table... production and interior design. Either way I will be creating, and either way I know I will find something enjoyable each day... but I guess it is a matter of changing desk locations soon within the office depending on what I am needed for, so we will see.

Until then, this designer has a desk right here... right now... right where I like it.

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