Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today was halloween - finally here. Seems like it came and then it went so quickly. I got to dress
up at work, which I wore all black with a hot pink
feather boa - the one that I wore at the bachelorette party no doubt, along with a black witches hat adorned with a big rhinestone spider brooch (of course) and, my halloween concoction for the pot luck, shown below. It took 14 hours to bake, cool, and cover with thousands of dots, stars, and lines. I knew that it would not be completely devoured today. Its two layers of 16" round cake, one white and one chocolate. I used my mini pan, and great pumpkin pan, as discussed in the previous post, but it turned out well, I feel.

It was more fun to bake than anything. Im a bit caked out right now, but I still enjoy baking.
I didnt win the costume contest, but didnt expect to seeing that I didnt give it 100% in dressing up, but at least I did something. I didnt even carve a pumpkin this year, which is not like me. Ive been tired, and dealing with other things right now, but all in all, it was a good day. I had lots of kids come to my door, and i passed out all but a few pieces of candy. I gave the two boys who came by as "nerds" extra candy since they bothered to mention that the "proactive" failed them, while their faces were painted over with red dots beneath their glasses...haha.

Tula was such a good kitty tonight with her little tutu on - she hated it for a little while, but eventually got used to it. She looked so cute running around the house in it though. She sat in the window most of the evening, alerting me to more kids walking up to the door. The best costume tonight though, was a little kid, must have been 2 or 3 years old - waddled up to my front door in a little tigger costume. He was so cute. I handed him his candy and told him to put it in his little candy bag - and he did. My sister and I laughed and told him he was cute. The best part of it was his little tail on the back. The last trick or treater of the night pressed a button on his plastic knife that made the screeching sound from "psycho" and all I could do was laugh. He got extra candy too.

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