Monday, June 26, 2006

The Anchorage Zoo

The Anchorage Zoo. A great escape to the wild, with controlled environments, that is. The black bears, tigers, moose... Most animals have been adopted by the zoo because they are not able to survive in the wild, because they cannot fly, or have other physical problems.

Most animals were shedding their coats for the summer. Not too aesthetically pleasing, I might add. But I guess thats what they do.

This llama looking thing called an Alpacas feels like some blanket that some lady had that she got for christmas from her son. She made sure to tell us several times that he felt like her blanket.

I guess they helped this little guy out by shaving him instead of letting his wool just fall off. Maybe the wool was used in the lady's blanket that she got for christmas last year.

This goose was running amok and squaking all over the place. Apparently it had a nest nearby in the trees. There are several other birds at the zoo including a bald Eagle.

This brown grizzly bear used to live with the orphaned polar bear at the zoo. They had to move it to a new exhibit in the park, because the bears began to grow up and be a little more territorial.

He made a clicking sound on the ground with his nails as he walked around on the rocks. Their claws are huge. I guess they gotta eat some how.

There were also some dall sheep in the exhibit next to the brown bears. They were both missing a horn, so I didnt feel right taking a photograph. Neither of them would turn their head for an appropriate profile shot either. Damn sheep. Anyway, they are typically hanging out about in the mountains in Alaska.

My favorite animal at the zoo was the Siberian (Amur) Tigers. Their coats were bright and rich, but they were taking a siesta when I approached their exhibit. Another cool cat at the zoo was the Lynx. She was just chilling in her large cage as I walked by. Very intriguing animal though.

Help support the Anchorage zoo here. There are lots of fun ways to help!

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