Sunday, September 04, 2005

One week down, several months to go...

Well I made it through the week and was very productive I might add. I am taking a statistics course this semester which I was dreading, but it is actually not too bad. I am enjoying the busy work, and I only have to show up there once a week.

Tula is coming tonight, and I am excited to get to spend tomorrow with her too. She will be able to get used to her new home, and be loved. I am sure that she will be enjoyed here :)


WLost said...

My fiance moved down to Dallas for work a couple months ago. I've got to wait until December before I can move down.

Ms. M said...

When you do go to Dallas, be sure to check out the new IKEA furniture/ accessories store in Frisco. Its the new "place to be" apparently.

Im planning on going down there to spend a weekend here in a few weeks.